Hiring Franchise Consultants

Moving a company from a solo business to a franchise model is a big step, and it’s one that brings plenty of research, marketing, and paperwork along with it.

Hiring franchise consultants from a franchise consulting company like Franchise Opportunity Consultants removes much of the uncertainty from the process, and connects potential franchisors with franchising veterans who know how to get a franchise off the ground.

Today, businesses require only 20%–50% of the startup costs previously required, and a wave of new franchises are expected to capitalize on the situation.

With assistance from a consultant, prospective franchisors know that they’re not missing any key concerns, and there won’t be any surprises or unexpected roadblocks during their experience.

How do Franchise Consultants Make Franchising Easier?

It’s not a simple or quick proposition to transform a business into a franchise. Franchising consulting provides potential franchisors with a central hub that handles all aspects of the franchising process, which streamlines the experience and ensures that each prospective franchise gets quality attention throughout their development.

Perhaps most importantly, franchise consultants provide the potential franchise owner with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’ve got decades of franchising experience backing them up.

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What Do Franchise Consultants Do?

When someone signs with a franchise consultant at Franchise Opportunity Consultants or a similar franchise consulting company, they get access a team of experts who make it their business to ensure that franchise development proceeds in a timely and effective manner.

To accomplish their mission, Franchise Opportunity Consultants has developed a tried-and-true process to shepherd each prospective franchisor through the bureaucratic and technological hurdles and come out with a viable franchise.


Part One – Initial Assessment

We begin our process with an initial assessment. This allows our franchise consultants to evaluate the specific case and determine program and budget needs.

Topics include:

  • What are the unit-level economics?
  • Should the client opt for franchising or licensing?
  • What’s the profit point per unit?
  • How does the business stand out from others?

Part Two – Franchise Development

After we complete the initial assessment to get an idea of the franchise’s parameters, we move on to development work. In this step, our franchise consultants create system requirements that guide future franchise activities and approach, including:


  • Developing a franchise recruitment website
  • Acquiring any needed intellectual property rights
  • Creating brand and corporate imaging
  • Building the Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Helping to create franchise training programs
  • Developing the franchise operations manual

Part Three – Recruitment

Once we’ve developed the core components of the franchise’s brand and business approach, our franchise consultants move on to the recruitment phase. In this step, we work with the prospective franchisor to begin to finalize the franchising process.

Steps include:

  • Qualification for the franchise
  • Generating leads
  • Completing sale of the franchise
  • Helping to develop a franchise “Discovery Day”

The recruitment stage is crucial and requires experience and an eye for detail. Our franchise consultants are key players in this respect and bring their years of know-how to bear to give their customers quality service and high-value leads.

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Part Four – Real Estate

At Franchise Opportunity Consultants, our franchise consultants our valuable resources at every stage of the franchise development experience. Their value becomes especially evident when we move into the final step of the process and begin to look at various aspects of real estate.

Real estate is crucial in the world of franchising—the right location brings the customers the franchise needs, and negotiating a good deal for that location gives the franchise a better chance to succeed. Our franchising consultants work with every facet of the franchise’s real-estate dealings to give the fledgling franchise the opportunity to shine. Potential franchisors get support with:

  • Digital landlord development
  • Site approval
  • Site criteria
  • End-to-end real-estate negotiations
  • Site identification via local real-estate professional partners
  • Management of construction

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Find Out How Franchise Opportunity Consultants Improves the Franchising Process

Franchise Opportunity Consultants understands how complex and time-consuming the franchising process can appear. We’ve developed a time-tested system, and our team of industry veterans are here to help businesspeople realize their dreams of turning their businesses into franchises.

We’re looking for partners to help us spread the word across the country and help people get their franchises up and underway. If you’re looking for a way to turn your business savvy and leadership potential to assisting others and building the next generation of business leaders, we might be a perfect match for your interests.

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