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Meet our franchise business consultants team

Experienced. Engaged. Effective.

Franchise Opportunity Consultants is a team of successful franchising experts who will guide you through the steps to start, build and grow your business from one or two locations to multiple sites. Our franchise business consultants do that through effective franchise programs we created, programs tailored to the specific industry needs of companies across the United States.

Our leadership team is made up of seasoned franchisees and franchisors of multiple brands alongside successful recruiters who have sold more than 500 franchises in multiple brands.

Their combined experience provides the crucial understanding necessary to appreciate both sides of the franchising equation. In addition, we provide full turnkey solutions thanks to years of experience in commercial real estate, business and real estate brokerage, franchise-owner recruitment, business infrastructure, operating systems and branding.

Meet Our Franchise Business Consultants Team

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson CEO

    A veteran restaurant and franchise professional.

    As a franchise business consultant, Alan has successfully developed, managed and franchised operations for numerous ventures, including Off The Grill and Gigi’s Cupcakes, where he served as CEO.

  • Kevin Bauerle
    Kevin Bauerle President

    Kevin specializes in sales and business development.

    Kevin has expertise in multiple sectors including real-estate investing, franchise development, corporate franchising, franchise sales, executive recruiting, marketing/sales and training.

  • Mickey Skelton
    Mickey Skelton Director of Franchise Development

    Mickey has been both a franchisor and franchisee of multiple brands and, for several years, headed up Franchise Development and Administration for a billion dollar company. He has developed several franchise programs from scratch in numerous industries and has experience as both a Commercial Real Estate Broker and a Business Broker.

  • Geoff Bergauer
    Geoff Bergauer Chief Financial Officer

    With an MBA in Finance, a history of success in business, manufacturing, finance, and investing, Geoff serves as our CFO, and advisor to the brands we work with.

  • Paul Kruse
    Paul Kruse In-house Counsel

    Paul Kruse helps clients of all kinds protect their trademarks with high quality, creative, and comprehensive services, including trademark clearance, registration and policing – all at a predictable cost. In addition to trademark prosecution, enforcement and litigation support, Paul handles copyright, right of publicity and domain name matters that touch on trademark law.

  • Brenlynn Craker
    Brenlynn Craker Executive Business Manager

    Brenlynn has been helping executives to be successful by keeping them organized for over 20 years.

    Besides their role as franchise business consultants, she and her husband own a commercial construction company just outside of Nashville, TN. They were also franchisees for a nationally known fast food chain.

  • Shannon Mitchell
    Shannon Mitchell Recruitment Manager

    Shannon Mitchell has worked on the operations side of corporate growth for over 20 years.

    She has worked for Fortune 500 Companies as well as Mom and Pop shops. She specializes in helping companies to grow and expand while keeping the integrity and the vision of the CEO and the team.